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Camdenton Dogwood Festival

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Every April, since 1950, Camdenton hosts the Dogwood Festival. This is one of the more popular events held at the Lake of the Ozarks each year, especially with locals. Starting on a Thursday and going through Sunday there is a small carnival, a parade, a pageant, art show and even golf tournaments. Most events take place in or around Camdenton.

The first festival was held in Camdenton in 1950, and was similar to other flower and fruit theme festivals across the country. The dogwood is one of the most beautiful flowering trees in the region, showing its best side in April and May.

The list of activities to do for tourists and locals at this Lake of the Ozarks tradition is exhaustive. The carnival starts on Thursday along with dinner theater, an art show and a Senior [65+] King and Queen Dogwood Contest. Friday the carnival continues starting at 5pm, there is the Miss Dogwood Pageant, a fish fry, a garage sale and other craft and art shows.

Saturday marks the Dogwood Parade a fun event that runs along the 5 and 54 in Camdenton. The rest of weekend holds even more activities including a pancake breakfast, a 5k run, a golf tournament, charity auctions and dinner. This is a great 4 day event that holds activities for your entire family to enjoy and most activities are free or inexpensive with many proceeds benefiting local students and charities.

The calendar for the Dogwood festival events can be found at the Camdenton Area Chamber,

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