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Beach Burgers: California Inspired

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There are fast food burgers and then there are restaurant burgers and of course there are the back yard barbecue burgers. We can talk about the backyard barbecues in another post when we get closer to summer.

A fast food burger joint started in California inspired a few local transplants to start their own burger joint. Located in the Camdenton Walmart center is Beach Burgers. If you are searching for something a bit nicer than McDonald’s and don’t want to hit up Chili’s in Osage Beach then Beach Burgers in Camdenton is the place for you.

With a fun beach inspired theme you can enjoy a single, double, triple or even quad burger with all the fixins. If you aren’t in the mood for a burger you can try a chicken sandwich or salad. For the biggest eaters you will be tempted by the Big Kahuna, the quad burger. Finish it and get your photo on the wall.

The burgers are cooked fresh. Make sure to add grilled onions. Each burger comes with the homemade sauce, similar to thousand island. This is the flavor inspired by In and Out Burger of California. After living in Arizona for 13 years we recognized the style right away, and it didn’t hurt we saw the In and Out sticker on the wall.

Several times throughout the year Beach Burgers hosts Cruise Night for the local car clubs to come out and show off their cars. Take the family for lunch or dinner. Beach Burgers is open Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays.

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