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Camdenton Walmart Shopping List

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Camdenton Walmart: 94 Cecil Street, Camdenton MO 65020,  573-346-3588

Are you a list person? Well here at we make lists. We also choose to do our grocery shopping at the Camdenton Walmart. In general we find it more convenient and overall we end up saving some money on the staples.

Years ago we started a grocery list to improve our efficiency for our trips to the grocery store. We wanted to go from the back to front or left to right to make sure we didn’t miss anything and have to go back to the aisles we already passed. When we moved to the Lake of the Ozarks we simply updated the list to work with the Walmart here.

This isn’t for those of you picking up a few items or just a frozen pizza. This came about because we were shopping for a growing family and trying to stock the pantry and fridge for the next week or more. So if you make it to the checkout line with an overflowing cart or even two carts when you grocery shop at Walmart in Camdenton then this is the list for you.

If you have a spouse or kids that aren’t usually good at remembering what to get or where to find things in the store when you send them this list will surely leave no doubt on where to find the items in Walmart.

So we want to offer to you our Walmart shopping list free. We hope it improves your shopping experience the next time you are at Walmart shopping for groceries.

How it Works:

Print it out, hang it on the fridge and check the items you need on your next visit. While you are planning your next week’s dinner menu keep the list handy to check all the ingredients you will need.

Take it with you to Walmart in Camdenton. This might work at other Walmarts as they are all generally arranged the same. We like to finish with the freezer section and fresh produce at the front of the store making it easy to walk to the register.

In Walmart you might need toiletries which they always place on the far side. So try grabbing those first. Then head to the back and start with the back aisles, that usually aren’t numbered and work your way from the right side of the list to the left side as you go aisle to aisle.

We hope there is some out there as compulsive as us about our shopping list that can enjoy this. We might even look to create one for Hy-Vee, Gerbes, Osage Beach Walmart and Paul’s Supermarket if there is interest.

The List

Download the Camdenton Walmart Grocery List (pdf)


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