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Enjoying Custard at the Lake

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Not sure what frozen custard is? Not to worry, there’s plenty of places to visit to explore this cold treat while at the Lake of the Ozarks. And they all rhyme so it’s really not hard to forget.

I’m just saying.

There’s Randy’s and Andy’s in Osage Beach and Sandy’s in Camdenton. Did they all know that they’d rhyme? I don’t know. But I do know they all make some yummy frozen custard. So if you’re at the Lake of the Ozarks, give one of them a visit after dinner or some miniature golf. Yum.

Our family moved to Camdenton about a year ago and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some frozen custard. But what I had in mind, my personal favorite, vanilla custard with hot fudge, raspberries and macadamia nuts does not exist here. That’s right, not one of these places have macadamia nuts, not a one. I was so sad. Me equals utter disappointment.

But not for long.

It’s a little weird, but I decided I’d crave peanut butter on chocolate custard with an occasional raspberry instead, and all is well in my world again.

However, if any of the above establishments decide to start carrying macadamia nuts, I will declare a personal favorite. But not until then. For now, they all make a fine cup of frozen custard and, in my opinion, are a must-stop for a visit to the lake. Or a weekly treat if you live here.

The end.

Wait, would you like to know more than just what I order? In case you do, here’s a little more relevant information.

Sandy’s is in Camdenton on South 5, just off the square. They’ve also started serving some fancy-pants coffee, and I like it. I’m no coffee connoisseur so I can’t promise you’ll love it and their options are limited, so don’t think you’ve entered a Starbucks. Plus, they don’t open until 11 am so it’s not a place for your morning coffee. More along the lines of your after dinner coffee, or after lunch if you need an afternoon pick-me-up. This one is within walking distance from our home so we frequent Sandy’s often, and we’ve got no complaints, except for the macadamia nuts at least.

Randy’s is across from the outlet mall in Osage Beach. It’s on the corner of a strip mall that sits right off Highway 54, you can’t miss it. Lots of topping options, some good custard. No macadamia nuts.

Andy’s is near the Grand Glaize Bridge on 54, in the same lot as Panera Bread. I have a few friends who claim Andy’s as their favorite, and I can see why they like it so much. I believe it’s a chain, but it does have charm, some great dessert and a drive-up window which is awesome if you have young kids. Amen.

And if you want to know more about frozen custard, check out Wikipedia. But basically, I can tell you it’s similar to ice cream, just a little smoother and softer. And if you find custard is not your thing you can always go to Cold Stone at the Premium Outlets. Funny story, my husband, also know as the Phoenix on my recipe blog, The Red Bird Life, on 2 separate¬†occasions¬†scooped and mixed ice cream at Cold Stone in Arizona.

So next time you are in the Lake of the Ozarks try some custard for the perfect end to a fun day at the lake.

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